Raise Funds With Flavored Popcorn

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Fundraising can be tedious, but with popcorn from Pop-A-Licious Gourmet Popcorn, your fundraising efforts will be a success. We have a specific list of popcorn that's designated for fundraising purposes. You can fundraise using our products on a local or national scale.

You can collect money for your fundraiser by using our direct sales funnel or through pre-sale fundraising. Contact us today to learn more about our fundraising options.

Use our popcorn as a thank you

Use our popcorn as a thank you

Fundraising takes a lot of time and commitment. When you need to raise money for an event, cause or trip, let our popcorn help you build up that budget. Our popcorn can be used as a thank you for every contribution! You can use our fundraising popcorn to raise money for:

  • Schools
  • Daycares
  • Churches
  • Corporate events

Our team will help you make your fundraising efforts successful. Call 337-456-5809 now to learn more.